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英語學系 國文學系 美術學系 地理學系
歷史學研究所 翻譯研究所 台灣文學研究所 兒童英語研究所


Graduate Institute of Taiwanese Literature

Graduate Institute of Taiwanese Literature


1.Unearthing cultural resources and integrating traditional arts, setting up a research center for local Taiwanese geography and history; establishing the study of Changhua, and reviving its splendor.

2. Rebuilding a Chinese style zen culture that integrates research, education, and books. Collecting books about Taiwan and Changhua literature. Collecting famous calligraphy and Lukang earthenware to construct a climate of literature and art.


1. Systematically research Changhua’s geography, history, religion, nature, culture, politics, food. Set up a series of lectures by Changhua writers and modern Taiwanese poems.

2. Build up books and journal collection, establish an information internet, promote academic research, and via cooperation with major libraries, establish a research center for Taiwanese studies.

3. Cooperate with the Department of Chinese to hold a series of academic activities every semester, in order to revitalize Taiwanese literature research. 4. Integrate resources and cooperate with related departments. Promote international academic exchanges and propose a series of research topics.


Sign board of Bai Sha school


the classroom arrangement of Bai Sha school