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歷史學研究所 翻譯研究所 台灣文學研究所 兒童英語研究所


Department of English

Educational goals

1. Training schools at all levels and English language teachers.
2. British culture in line with the times demand of foreign language professionals.

Department of History

Former National Changhua Normal University, Department of English language teaching for the Department of the Republic of China was founded 63 April months, the same year in July to participate in JUPAS, this is part of Faculty of Arts, established for the purpose of creating and English language professionals.

  The department curriculum structure completely for cultivation of Chinese and English teachers and English text of all walks of life to create talent set, so the text in English teaching, English and American Literature and linguistics as the main core curriculum, including teaching and research highly professional English, English linguistics research British and American literature and research students Shengtangrushi tackling specialization courses, of which great use of the English translation, English writing, English conversation, English speech debate, English reading, English grammar and rhetoric such as Germany and Japan Fassi second Foreign students need to play a diverse minor in specific courses, and other humanities and social other than the English language school gate was this student need to strengthen all-round education curriculum and the entire world can not be ignored.

  The Department 82 in the Republican establishment in master classes, divided into groups and language teaching English and American Literature group advanced to nurture talent specialization English text of betting after years of effort, regardless of the level, scale and success in graduate education, academia, both has been very sure of the evaluation, and the Republic of China 92 years of establishment of the doctoral program, but also enhance the department's academic index, has further enhanced the department's ability to compete and expand more dedication level of the department. In addition, the department is also timely to echo the Ministry of Education advocated reflux education were established in the Republic of China 88 years English teaching master classes and the Republic of China was founded 95 years Master of Applied English classes, teaching master classes in which English text Although Ting Zhao in 102 years, this Department of the future will still contribute to the country and carry out a more diversified society.

  To boost this student will be English curriculum to life, the Department of English theater performances held annually, over the years with impressive results! Graduates of this department will be eligible to play long before the creation of high levels of employment, so the department Bachelor of classes, master classes and doctoral future development will be the good old pomp, especially academic interaction with the international trend of the times were and more frequent, the department has strengthened to enhance the teaching of teachers and research study quality, on the other hand a more positive attitude of organizing educational seminars English text, in order to enhance the implementation of their academic appeal.

  English department is located in a historic and elegant building, the purchase of books, and the expansion of English language teaching centers have been laboratory expansion plans sword and shoe and so strong link between past and future effective, but the department and the subsequent academic bastion of the school in the future to strengthen the appeal of foreign and enhance competitiveness!

  Department uphold the purposes and set development goals, namely the department from the beginning has tried to cultivate high school English teacher text, and strive to create the required English text of all sectors of personnel, four decades of graduates of this department has to play in education, academia and other walks of life long before, contributing to society. The department will also be in line with the consistent and pragmatic, serious wind system, and constantly improve the teaching environment, determined to continue to strive to provide our students learn a good place to learn, will always uphold the strict standards of learning, let Benji Suo training graduates with excellent English professional competence.


1. Emphasizing theory and practice in English teaching

2. Enhancing pragmatic professional English

3. Training students’ academic abilities


1. Establishing goal development and English practice teaching policy

2. Offering practical professional English courses

3. Encouraging individual and cooperative research


2019 Conference on Content and Language Integrated Learning