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英語學系 國文學系 美術學系 地理學系
歷史學研究所 翻譯研究所 台灣文學研究所 兒童英語研究所



        Established as a college in the year of 2000, the College of Arts offers core programs in the art, literature, languages, history, and geography for more than 40 years. Pioneering graduate institutes that brighten the academic canopy of this part of Taiwan, the college has contributed to international wisdom and harmony among visiting faculties, students, and visitors. Forty years of hard work has yielded 5,600 proud graduates, most of whom are serving or have served as dutiful teachers at thousands of schools nationwide. 
       The college takes pride in training teachers and industry professionals to help build a culture sensitive to both humanism and environment. It strives to maintain an academic edifice in which English/Children's English/ Translation and Interpretation will extend the talents of education professionals in the industrial community, making both serve as engines of global development. Students who study Chinese/Taiwan literature live a campus lifestyle that dovetails local hopefulness with global vision. The Department of Art, characterized by a modern, professional approach, has established an artistic working community for Taiwan's artists and arts researchers. In geography/tourism/environment, sciences like GIS are introduced to help the community conscious, thus redefining the dignity of trade. The Graduate Institute become environmentally History offers programs that link the humanities and sciences through geo-history center which has created and owns a history map of Taiwan that attracts generations of researchers.