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歷史學研究所 翻譯研究所 台灣文學研究所 兒童英語研究所


Department of Geography




Founded in 1993, the Department aimed at cultivating qualified geography teachers for secondary schools and researchers in geography. A branch of the College for Education, it was first chaired by Dr. Lo,Chi-Hung . The second Department head was Prof. Guey-San Yang starting from August, 1997. The MA program was set up in 1998. The MA program for secondary school teachers was established to comply with the University's Continuing Education and Professional Development Division. In August, 2000, Prof. Chou,Kuo-Ping served as the third Department head. The Department joined the newly-established College of Humanities in October, 2000. The Ph.D. program was initiated in 2002. The fouth Department head was Prof. Yo-bin Ho starting from August, 2003.The fifth Department head was Associate Prof. Han-Kui Liu starting from August, 2006.The MA program of Environment,Tourism and Recreation studies was set up in 2008.The sixth Department head was Prof. Heng Tsai starting from December,2009.Since December, 2012 the Department head has been Associate Prof. Wang,Su-Fen. Since December, 2015 the Department head has been Associate Prof. Song,Yu-Ling.


Vision of Geography


To help communities become conscious of the space and environment that yield the existence of the self, bringing out the dignity of our trade, we make "The Soil and Landform Lab" available to more users  , and create a program geared to science and technology like GIS for the use of more disciplines (such as history) to be introduced to, for example, teachers at all schools.



students' experineces of oyster rack construction.