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英語學系 國文學系 美術學系 地理學系
歷史學研究所 翻譯研究所 台灣文學研究所 兒童英語研究所


Department of Chinese


Visions of Chinese:

In our joint academic effort at advocating the study of the Chinese poetic magnum opus, we also make it our sacred mission to measure the standard of the traditional Chinese culture at its slightest nuance, cherish the Confucian educational spirit that acknowledges the greatness of Chinese literature-and hence Taiwan literature, and enthusiastically cultivate secondary school teachers and researchers that uphold the character of Confucian liberalism, gentleness, sympathy, ideals and ambition in proportion to the glocalizing movement in present-day Taiwan.


Course structure:

The Department of Chinese focuses mainly on research and development in four major areas, namely the study of Chinese philosophy, the study of ancient and modern Chinese poems, compiling, and editing teaching materials and teaching methodology, and lastly, the study of Chinese languages, characters and rhetoric.



The 28th Poem Conference