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Department of Chinese Literature | Call for Papers for the 29th Baisha Literary Award──Memory of Taiwan

Call for Papers for the 29th Baisha Literary Award──Remembering Taiwan
  The Baisha Literary Award aims to promote the atmosphere of writing on campus, encourage students to express their souls and creative abilities with words, and cultivate and cultivate literary talents. This year's Literary Award focuses on "Remembering Taiwan" and calls for creations according to the categories listed in the competition rules. The title of the work can be customized. Anyone who can highlight the main axis of the call for contributions and meet the genre norms is welcome to contribute.
1. Description of main axis of solicitation of papers:
(1) Landscape writing: depicting the current or historical landscapes of Taiwan's main island and outlying islands.
(2) Humanities collection: Explore the content of humanities history, beliefs and customs, food, clothing, housing, transportation, art and culture, etc.
(3) My Taiwan story: the experience, memory, knowledge or impression of living in Taiwan.
(4) Others: various literary creations that do not fall within the above scope, but can echo the main axis.
2. Sponsor: National Changhua Normal University.
3. Organizers: Department of Chinese Literature, National Changhua Normal University, Institute of Taiwan Literature.
4. Co-organizers: Changhua City Office, Baisha Cultural and Educational Foundation, and Quanxing Cultural and Educational Foundation.
5. Objects of Call for Papers: Students studying in various departments of National Changhua Normal University.

For other information, please refer to the announcement of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature .


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