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Perceptual Rumination|NCUE Department of Fine Arts 2023 Annual Curator

【Perceptual Rumination|National Changhua Normal University Department of Fine Arts 2023 Curator】

Exhibition concept|Creators seek inspiration from slices of life, break away from the traditional framework, and transform intangible and tangible feelings through the process of creative precipitation, while adding their own thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and styles, and create new ideas in a new way. Appearance appears in the eyes of the public, just like the phenomenon of animals ruminating, through repeated chewing, digestion, and absorption, is the delicate and repeated thinking of the creators.

Gathering the excellent works of this semester, I look forward to everyone picking up their own perceptions again, re-feeling the cognition of the exhibition, and expanding the communication and horizon of artistic creation.

Exhibition period|2023/02/04– 2023/03/02

Venue|Baisha Art Center, Department of Fine Arts, National Changhua Normal University

Time|9:00 – 17:00 on weekdays (except 2/4 (Saturday) and 2/5 (Sunday), closed on Saturdays)

Exhibitors|Zhang Hongen, Zhang Youjia, Zhang Jiaxiang, Zhang Ningen, Li Jingyu, Li Yishan, Li Hui, Lin Yihe, Lin Lirong, Dong Yining, Zheng Jiaying, Cai Chengyou, Lai Shenghao, Wu Yiqian, Wu Hongde, Chen Yiting, Xu Zihan, Xie Zhikang

~~Sincerely invite everyone to visit~~

Department of Fine Arts

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