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Institute of History | Outdoor fieldwork activities – "Walking through the streets and alleys of Lukang style"

In the cold weather, the teachers and students of Zhangshi History Institute held outdoor fieldwork activities that must be done every semester. The destination is Lukang, which is famous for its "wind".

Different from the general sightseeing itinerary, Li Hanpeng, a senior cultural and historical worker and also a graduate student of our institute, took us through the streets and alleys of Lukang, telling the past of Lukang brick by brick.

Through this method of "guiding learning through use", the postgraduate students of the training institute share their knowledge of Lukang with each other during the course of their day-to-day study, and also deepen their understanding of local history.

Institute of History

▲Group photo of teachers and students in the fieldwork of the Institute of History.

Institute of History

▲Teachers and students of the Institute of History took a group photo in front of the Lukang Folk Museum.

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