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Enterprises from the Department of Geography visited Zhongxing Surveying Company

Purpose of the activity:
Through on-site visits, provide opportunities for students of the Department of Geography to have face-to-face contact with companies and enterprises that are highly relevant to future employment. needs, and the disciplinary instincts that students must possess if they want to enter the relevant workplace. Let students think about the future employment direction during the schooling period, reserve the basic ability of employment, and also assist students to have the opportunity to seamlessly integrate into the workplace after graduation, and achieve the goal of promoting the students of this department to enter related industries in the future.
Visiting location : Zhongxing Surveying Co., Ltd. (No. 159, Zhongren Street, West District, Taichung City)
Visiting time : April 27, 2012 (Thursday) 8:50~12:00 AM
Fee : Free
Registration method : Google form registration https: //forms.gle/UEMHpqSBCbnJ58NK8
Registration time : From now until April 25
Quota : 40 (only students from our school, until full)
Guidance unit : Labor Development Department of the Ministry of Labor
Organizer : Department of Geography, National Changhua Normal University

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