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[Referral] Notice of Application for Secondary Department and Double Major in the 112th Academic Year of the Department of Geography

Application notice for the 112th academic year of the Department of Geography, National Changhua Normal University

The application qualifications, dates and selection methods for the selection of auxiliary departments and double majors of the Department of Geography in the 2012 academic year are as follows:

  • Those who take this department as a secondary department must take 30 credits; those who take this department as a double major must take 48 credits. Both of them should take the required courses of this department (except "telemetry"), and the remaining credits can be taken for geography It is an elective course for geography majors offered by the department (excluding social field core and interdisciplinary course credits).
  • Application Qualifications: Students from all departments of the school (excluding graduate students) who have an average academic score of 85 points (inclusive) or above in the first semester of the 111 academic year, or those who rank in the top 10% (inclusive) of the class can apply. When applying, please fill in the "Application Form for Studying in Auxiliary Departments" or "Application Form for Studying in Double Majors", and attach the transcript of the first semester of the 111th academic year. percentage), register at the Office of the Department of Geography within the deadline.
  • Application period: from April 24 (Mon) to May 5 (Fri), 2012 at 5:00 p.m., late applications will not be accepted.
  • Enrollment Quota: A total of 3 students will be admitted for the supplementary department and double major, and several students will be reserved.
  • Selection method: The statistics of the number of applicants will be announced on the website of the Department of Geography ( https://geo3w.ncue.edu.tw/ ) on May 8 . A maximum of 3 candidates will be selected. According to the grades of the written examination, the candidates are prepared to be admitted.
  • Written review:
  1. Academic performance: 50%
  2. Autobiography, motivation for applying for the exam and study plan (within 1,000 words), other relevant materials that are beneficial to the review (such as relevant subject learning performance, relevant club participation performance, and other relevant favorable review materials): 50%

After approval by the Department of Geography, the admission list will be sent to the Office of Academic Affairs for release.


 For relevant information, please refer to the announcement of the Department of Geography

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