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Congratulations to 4 students from the 111th grade from Department of Geography for receiving the 111th Ministry of Science and Technology College Student Research Program Grant

Department of Geography

1. Liu Zhiyi (Professor: Song Yuling)

Actor network analysis of Changhua County Community Care Base "Wealth Belt"

2. Zhou Tingyi (Professor: Chen Yiqing)

The Mystery of Cherry Blossom Hook Salmon’s Life Experience—Discussing the Issue of the Capture of Dajia Stream and Lanyang Stream

3. Lin Tingzhang (Professor: Zhu Lingyi)

whose home is he? Social Exclusion and Local Identity of Hong Kong Immigrants in Taiwan in the Post-Democracy Era

4. Huang Liying (Professor: Lu Peiwen)

Project Name: Analysis of Urban Green Resilience from the Perspective of Urban Tectonics - Taking Taichung Taiwan Avenue Old Urban Area to Phase 7 Rezoning as an Example

Congratulations to the above students!!

Relevant website: https://geo3w.ncue.edu.tw/news_02.php?new_no=1655884933&action=view

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