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Online Graduation Exhibition for Class 111 Students of the Department of Fine Arts - "Generation; Generation", welcome to watch

The on-campus exhibition has come to an end, unfortunately, the out-of-school exhibition has also been cancelled due to the epidemic

To make up for the deficiency! ! The students immediately organized an online exhibition

Not only can you make up for the regret of not seeing it, but you can also review the essence of your classmates' works! ! !

The online exhibition will open at the following times and will be broadcast live on Facebook fans

There is also a raffle! Enter within half an hour before the event starts to participate in the lucky draw! !

Please continue to track the content of the online exhibition

Online opening: 6/5 11:00 am to 12:00 am

Opening live broadcast: "Generation; Generation" FB

Online exhibition link:  https://ncueart111.wixsite.com/my-site?fbclid=IwAR318Y76vxXPY1hizuz9ah0WNNZoTc45jrCLWaU-FHaAP1lHowtLEVs2h4w

(Department of Fine Arts)

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