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【Department of Fine Arts Lecture】Maki and Painting

Lecture Title: Maki and Painting

Speaker: Xie Muqi Artist

Venue: Grand Theory Classroom, 2F, Shengyang Building

Event time: 2022/6/7 (Tuesday) 16:30~18:30

Lecture introduction:

If painting is a machine, take it apart and see how it works in this world. I take disassembly as a research method for painting. This lecture will share the works of individuals from their studies to the creative stage, and the practice of painting creation at different stages will find their own path.

Speaker introduction:

Born in Taiwan in 1981, he currently lives and works in Taipei. He graduated from the Oil Painting Group of the Institute of Fine Arts Creation, National Taipei University of the Arts. In recent years, the creation has returned to the painting itself, and started the creation with the proposition of sketching. In addition to hoping to intervene in a more relaxed way, I also hope that the personal painting creation can have a deeper connection between the local environment and cultural context. And then face the historical context of Taiwan's traditional landscape painting itself in the way of painting.

His past works have won the first prize of the Taipei Fine Arts Award in 2006, the first prize of the Taoyuan Fine Arts Award, the Shi'an Aesthetics Award for plastic art, the China Trust Contemporary Painting Award (2022), and the 18th Taishin Award (2020).

All students are welcome to attend the lecture~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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