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Online Graduation Exhibition for Class 111 Students of the Department of Fine Arts - "Generation; Generation", welcome to watch!

The graduation works of the 111th grade students of the Department of Fine Arts, with the theme of "Generation; Generation", were grandly exhibited at the Baisha Art Center of our school from April 12th to April 24th, 2011 (the same below). The opening tea party invited Huang Shenghui, Dean of the School of Literature, Li Jingfang, Director of the General Education Center, Li Zongxin, Director of the Institute of History, Associate Professor Zhang Naiwen, National Taipei University of the Arts, Assistant Professor Shen Bocheng, Department of Sculpture, National Taiwan University of Arts, Director of the Department of Fine Arts, Wang Liyan, and the department head. A number of teachers and teachers participated together, and guests from inside and outside the school gave high recognition to the exhibits.

The Department of Fine Arts of our school has always been characterized by diversity. The works include Eastern and Western paintings, composite media, installation art, video art, cultural and creative design, research papers on art and art education, etc., showing the abundant professional energy of the Department of Fine Arts of our school. The graduation series was originally scheduled to be held in Taipei's Bopiliao Historic District from May 1st to 7th. However, in order to make up for the regret of not being able to handle the on-campus exhibition, the students quickly started planning the online exhibition and held the opening ceremony of the online exhibition on June 5. Vice President Lin Qianhui recorded a video to give his blessings. The distinguished guests included Tu Jianyi, Director of the Department of Geography, Wang Liyan, Director of the Department of Fine Arts, Teacher Lin Yiqing, Teacher Chen Qingxiu, Teacher Zhong Zhengyue, Teacher Xiao Wenxia, ​​and Teacher Zhang Haoning. The online teacher-student interaction was warm and warm .

The theme of this exhibition "Generation Generation" is taken from the Japanese homophonic "Pain ", which means pain, because in different eras, each generation has a different image, and even misunderstandings and contradictions are caused by the differences in the views of the generations. Through a variety of works, this exhibition shows how the creators and researchers of the millennial, digital or salmon generation use different symbols and multiple expressions to reflect the appearance of this era, and propose in the process of generational change. its reflection. In the face of the changes of the epidemic, the students of the Department of Fine Arts organized an online exhibition flexibly. In addition to reproducing the on-campus exhibition with a 360-degree panoramic image, the online exhibition also presented the resumes and diverse works of the exhibitors. Welcome to the "Generation; Generation" Online Exhibition! (Department of Fine Arts)

School exhibition time and place:

VenueChanghua Normal University Baisha Art Center and Hou Garden (No. 1, Jinde Road, Changhua City)

DatesApril 12 to April 24, 2022

Opening Tea Party | April 13, 2022, 12:30 noon.

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