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Department of Chinese | Embracing Professionalism, Dedication, and Career Enjoyment! Youth Development Administration Collaborates with Universities to Guide Students in Career Exploration and Practice

In the era of rapidly evolving social platforms and the booming trend of self-media, students are navigating their learning journey through new media, acquiring essential skills for their future careers. Recognizing that breakthroughs and progress require cross-domain innovation, Teacher Xiao-jing Yang from the Department of Chinese at National Changhua University of Education initiated the project titled “Because I Can See It, I Hope to Be Seen - Exploring the advantages of the ‘self’ and establishing connections between ‘people and oneself’ to share positive experiences”. Supported by the “Career Counseling Subsidy Program for Colleges and Universities” from the Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education, the project collaborates with local businesses and cultural and creative industries. By leveraging students’ academic strengths, the initiative transcends the limitations of academic departments, promoting cross-disciplinary learning and enhancing diverse abilities. This approach empowers students to understand their strengths and envision their future careers, allowing them to construct their own career blueprints within their chosen field.

This initiative involves guest speakers from National Changhua University of Education, guiding students in cross-domain career exploration. It immerses students in new media production podcasts, allowing them to practice and experience the essence of “professionalism”, “dedication”, and “career enjoyment” within their career paths. An illustrative activity, “Cultural and Creative Industries Made Easy”, involves students in planning interviews, formulating questions, organizing materials and audio files, recording, post-production of podcast programs, and uploading works to broadcast platforms. Through this process, students gain a profound understanding of new industries, master cross-domain skills, and accumulate valuable experiences.

You-zeng Li, a student from National Changhua University of Education, participated in the project, transformed her podcast recording experience into a graphic and text work. She subsequently entered the career guidance student experience competition in colleges and universities, securing the best picture and text category. Li expressed, “Participating in this program allowed me to comprehend the behind-the-scenes aspects of audio-visual communication and marketing, requiring the support of professional abilities cultivated in the Chinese Department.” The program’s focus on editing techniques, reporting, and interacting with stores before and after interviews equipped her with new skills and expanded her future career options.

Operated by the Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education, the “Career Counseling Subsidy Program for Colleges and Universities” aims to encourage young people’s exploration and practical engagement in future employment through diverse vocational supplementary courses and activities. For additional information, please visit the “YDA Career Counseling Information Platform” (http://mycareer.yda.gov.tw/).


The Department of Chinese at National Changhua University of Education hosts the “Cultural and Creative Industries Made Easy” event, providing students with the opportunity to record and post-produce podcast programs.


The project’s lead teacher utilizes the CCN career style test to help students analyze the writing style and personality of various authors. The students are then guided to craft “life quotes” inspired by renowned writers such as Zhi-mo Xu and Ai-ling Zhang.

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