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Faculty of Liberal Arts Lecture-Crisis or Turning Point? Chat with the students of the social science group on ChatGPT [Speaker: Mr. Hu Qirui from the Institute of History]

Liberal Arts Lectures - Crisis or Turnaround? Chat with Wenzu students on ChatGPT

Date: June 8, 2012 (Thursday)
Time: 12:10-13:10 Noon
Venue: google meet (the link will be sent through the registration system the day before the event)
Speaker: Institute of History, National Changhua Normal University Teacher Hu Qirui
1. Special lecturer of the Digital Humanities Academic Research Camp of the National Science Council Humanities and Sociology Research Center
2. Postdoctoral Researcher of the Digital Humanities Research Center of National Taiwan University

※Meals are not provided for this event
. ※This lecture is only open to the teachers and students of the Faculty of Liberal Arts of our school. 
※Please go to the school activity registration system to register

Faculty of Arts Lecture

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