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[Transfer] The Department of Geography held the first blackboard writing contest!

The First Blackboard Writing Competition of the Department of Geography, National Changhua Normal University
1. Event time: July 8, 2023 (Sat), 10:00-12:00.
2. Venue: held online.
3. Purpose of the activity: In order to encourage students and fellow students of the department to have outstanding performance in drawing maps during teaching and evaluation, this competition is held so that their works can be observed and exhibited by each other.
4. Activity content:
1. This activity will be conducted in the form of an online meeting, and the website address of the participants will be provided by letter before the competition.
2. Answers can be drawn on paper or on a computer/tablet.
3. Please use the answer sheet or base map required by the conference to answer each question.
4. Answers are not limited to colors and types of pens. Please be clear and visible. Blurring will affect the score.
5. When answering, please sign the entry number in the lower right corner of the answer.
6. Do not disclose personally identifiable information on the answer sheet, otherwise the question will not be counted.
7. After the topic is announced, the timer will start for 5 minutes. Answers must be completed and files uploaded within the time limit.
8. After answering each question, please upload it to the designated place.
9. Please upload the file as jpg.file or png.file.
10. The file name is serial number_question number, such as: 001_01.
11. The eligibility for answer selection will be confirmed with the time stamp of the google form.
12. The list of winners will be announced separately on Zhangshi Geography fan page.
5. Selection method: Departmental teachers will make a comprehensive selection based on content, correctness, readability and completeness.
6. Eligibility: Graduates and current students of the department.
7. Event prizes: various gifts such as sparkling water machine, retro oven, portable juice machine, etc. The more people participate, the richer the prizes will be.
8. Registration website: https://forms.gle/Vp2WkQoHgzkQwyav8
9. Registration deadline: before 112.07.01 (Sat) 00:00.
10. Remarks:
1. Participants who receive paper answer sheets are willing to show their answer results in future activities, and must send the answer sheets back to Zhangshi Geography (50007 Jinde Road, Changhua City, Changhua County) within one week Department of Geography No. 1, received by Associate Professor Lu Peiwen, (04)7232105#2830).
2. The paper answer sheets are only used for displaying results and will not affect the scoring. The photo files uploaded at that time will still be accepted for scoring.
3. The organizer reserves the right to make final revisions, changes, event interpretations, and cancellations of this event. Any relevant changes will be announced on the Zhangshi Geography fan page without prior notice.



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